Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is it about the Eyes?

Eyes are the door to one’s soul. Yet more and more I feel like I am surrounded by empty meaningless looks. People avoid the eye contact or when they do look you in the eye, you get zero emotion as if they were dead…

Occasionally you look at some stranger on a train, or on the street, your eyes meet and it’s like an electric shock. You suddenly have the urge to come over and talk, because you know you will be understood. It’s like you belong to the same “tribe”, members of which are scattered on earth but one look is enough to be recognized.

It also happens that you can’t stand looking someone in the eyes. It gives you chills, strange vibe which you subconsciously try to avoid. You dislike the person without even knowing why (you will probably find out later, once you get to know him), but difficulty maintaining an eye contact is usually the fist warning sign.

Eyes happen to be one of the most powerful weapons in a human’s arsenal, maybe even more powerful than wittiness and outstanding verbal skills. Some people hypnotize you with their eyes, you almost get addicted when you crave those looks, have a strange longing for seeing those eyes again. Sometimes a person’s eyes penetrate you raising a feeling of nakedness and helplessness. There are eyes that evoke calmness and inner comfort: they relax you and encourage at the same time.

Eyes will always give you away, they are a reflection of your inner state. You try to look happy, but no one will buy it because misery is streaming down from your eyes. And when you happen to like someone, there is no way to hide that peculiar gaze that gives butterflies in the stomach. And when you are in love, you can look into the eyes you adore for eternity if not longer.

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