Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Day Has Come

Some days are not meant to go well, no matter what you do to reverse that. Once you realize that today is just a bad day – the best thing you can do is just patiently wait till this day is over. You can suppress thinking by some brainless activity like playing a video game, or distract yourself in other ways so as to minimize any interaction with people (because it won’t go well either) and to make this day end faster.

And as some magic rule, the next day always brings relief – as if rewarding you for making it through the previous 24 hours. You wake up rested, you feel light and full of energy, you no longer hate the world. This is my day today: everything feels just right. I got enough sleep, I was on time, I was finally productive at work which put an end to the “I-am-so-useless” feeling. I found a new friend online (in fact she found me, some distant relative) – but she turned out to be a sweet girl, looks like we have a lot in common and could become friends. And I always welcome a like-minded person to my life.

So comparing yesterday, when I was trying in vain to drag myself out of the swampland, and today, when living feels easy again, - I am yet again convinced, that things cannot go bad forever. Relief is just around the corner. “The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter.” A black stripe is always followed by a white one. I just wish my life was comprised mostly of days, when living doesn’t require so much effort. I know that I am who I am because of all the hard time I’ve had, but maybe I would be a better me, a happier one, if life took it a little easier on me. For now I am just grateful for another break.

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