Thursday, January 21, 2010

"I Hate My Life"

“I hate my life” – I heard from a friend today. That’s a shockingly strong statement. People in Haiti sent praises to God in spite of all the devastation caused by the powerful earthquake – they live on the street, many of them have no water or food, but they are still thankful because they are alive.

It’s difficult if not impossible to be happy all the time. There are things you can hate about your life – such as your current job, or your scandalous boss, or your dead-end relationship. But saying that you hate your entire life is pure ungrateful because you deny all the good things that are in your life. You fail to notice and to acknowledge the positive, placing your entire focus on the negative. You poison the atmosphere and begin to spread negativity around. Then other people, who are struggling too but don’t give up hope, begin to avoid you. Life is difficult as it is, we are all well aware of that, why would we need someone to remind us time and again.

As a rule discontent is a driving force of progress. If you don’t want to be stuck you need to move, you need to change things around you, sometimes you need to change yourself. Stop putting up with thing you don’t like, there are millions of things in this life that you would LOVE doing! Many people prefer to waste themselves claiming that there is no better alternative –CRAP! You tried a couple of choices, didn’t like neither, but still decided that you have to settle for something, hopefully for a lesser evil. I have no other choice is your verdict. But life is abundant with choices, sometimes you just change one thing, and as a chain reactions other aspects of your life begin to transform. You don’t like where you live – so you move; you see new places, you meet new people, form new relationships. You don’t like your job, but you don’t know what else you can do – try yourself in a totally new field, even if you’ve never imagined working there. Who knows maybe you will like it. Or at least you will learn that you don’t, and cross it out from your list, moving on to the next option.

Experiment, test your limits, do crazy things, smile, joke. Start conversations with people, don’t shut within yourself, you never know where some brilliant idea or useful advice will come from. Ask questions, think over the answers, read more, educate yourself. There is a million things you can do and only after you fail in each one of them you can rightfully declare, “I hate my life!”

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