Monday, January 18, 2010

Drag Yourself Out

Today is the most depressing day of the year. At least according to some news site. Lack of vitamins and sunlight is intensified by the fact that it’s Monday and we are still in winter. So we are doomed to feel down today and there is no way around it… or is there?

Earlier I felt very much at the bottom of the deepest hole ever. And the morning fight that started out of the blue made me question if a better tomorrow will ever come. I stared into one spot on the way to work, and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone upon arriving here.

But thank god there are people who don’t feel as down today. They are still capable of talking, joking and laughing – they are capable of inspiring me to put an effort and get myself out of my self-imposed misery. It can be the most depressing day of the year but I can still make it worth living. Even if I do a trivial thing like shopping for a new dress or getting myself a fancy dessert – forget the unplanned spending – I can still improve my mood. I can take matters in my own hands instead of surrendering to the flow. I can read an inspirational blog, story, news. I can write to people to encourage communication. I can plan a vacation even if I will never go on the trip.

Waiting for someone to come and save you from your misery is pointless. Submitting to depression and suffering is easier than fighting them, but it makes it so hard to regain control once you give it up. So I take a deep breath, put a smile on my face and start an adventure of saving the day!

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