Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Waiting

Waiting doesn’t always equal to doing nothing. Some things need to be waited out even if it means that you have to fight the urge to take action. “Well-wishers” will keep whispering in your ears that it’s time to move on, that you’ve been stuck in the same place or the same situation for too long. But maybe once in awhile we should trust our guts and simply wait. Maybe in order to move further we need the right wind to fill our sails, so that we move in the right direction.

More and more people get unsatisfied with their jobs. There are always things to dislike but even in spite of the unprecedented unemployment rate, they believe they should change a job for a happy life to begin. What if you are only half-dissatisfied and know that getting a new job doesn’t guarantee you full satisfaction? In fact you are afraid to make things worse so you’d rather wait till you have more experience and expertise; you need it to be more clear in your head what is it that you want to do.

The same applies to relationships – even if it feels like moving on (or out) is not such a bad idea, there is always a question – where to? Loneliness? Endless and fruitless search? Do you exit a half-happy relationship because you believe there are more perfect things awaiting? How many perfectly happy people in perfect relationships have you met? And where does reality stop and utopia begins?

Waiting is the answer. Shift your focus away from these major questions, do some things that you like, get new experiences. When the time comes, life will give you a sign. In fact it will give you several sights knowing how short-sighted you are. All the circumstances will inevitably lead you to the realization that the situation needs to be addressed. Until then just wait.

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