Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walking Up the Escalator

I like to commit to small resolutions, for some reason it makes me feel more in control of my life. Recently, when in a mall, I made myself a promise to walk up the escalators instead of riding them. It happened just as I was standing still on one of them – I suddenly saw myself all tired and apathetic, waiting for this “dragging” to be over. And I felt angry and started walking up, even though my legs seemed to protest against this unnecessary motion. But as I approached the top, I was filled with energy and enthusiasm. Ever since then I resolved to walk up any escalator on my way – for the sake of exercise, being in control, being ahead of time. And that was my little yet quite symbolic victory over myself.

That’s how our life goes: we can let it drag us wherever we are going or we can make an effort and speed things up. We can wait till we get to the final destination point – relationship, career, realization of dreams or we can get there faster by being more active, having more movement, getting stronger from that extra labor that we choose to do. Riding the escalator of life seems easy, but walking it up is more rewarding.

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