Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stepping on a Dangerous Ground

We often have to fight temptations because we are aware of the consequences. Most of the time they are simply not worth it: a short-lived pleasure with a long pay off period afterward. “It’s much easier to extinguish a first desire than to satisfy all of those that follow it.“ There are always principles to hold on to, which, as we are convinced, fully protect us. Even when the occasion will present itself, we believe we’ll just shed it off our mind and continue walking on the straight line. If only we knew better about the nature of temptations.

They come when your life is in perfect balance and you are enjoying your inner harmony. Or right after you made a difficult decision and feel very determined to stick to it. Or when you just seriously committed to something. We are often quite clueless about the things we may find tempting, which makes fighting the temptation even harder: we are totally unprepared to resist the thing we never thought we would find appealing. What’s worse – temptations are breaking your defense with incredible persistence. If you decide against red – red will be everywhere you look; want to become a vegetarian – everyone around you is suddenly eating juicy steaks; you scorn adultery – and someone is trying to seduce you with unheard of passion and determination.

If only saying “no” was that easy. Being tormented by longing day after day weakens the strongest will. Temptation is like a siege: the longer it lasts, the better the chance that you will succumb to it. First you will give a small crack, thinking that it’s still not late to turn back. Little do you know, that you’ve stepped on a dangerous ground: temptation will mess you up and spit you out, once you lose everything that you cherish in your life.

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