Monday, July 19, 2010

"Happiness is Real Only when Shared"

I watched this amazing movie "Into the Wild" about a month ago. Just as with any good movie and book everyone will discover some unique ideas and message that would speak to them directly. The ideas of freedom, non-conformism, breaking free, touching the lives of others with your conviction and sincerity. To me - it was mostly the idea of setting up on a long journey to find things that were always there, but it was making peace with them that the journey was really needed for.

"Happiness is Real Only when Shared" - the words scribbled by dying Alexander Supertramp with a shaky hand are not just striking.This is the biggest discovery he has made. Simple words that keep coming back to me ever since.


  1. I really like that insight ... you really do have what you need in your journey, but you have to look and make peace with those things that have always been right in front of you. I think it is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can just move on and not address those challenges that come to you that are a part of your journey. However, you have to transform them and learn from them and make peace with them. That is the only way to learn the lesson and move on. Great insights. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sibyl,
    It actually amazes me how often my mind returns to the past even when I am so far away from it in time and place. Things that weren't completely acknowledged, understood or addressed somehow emerge when you least expect it. Even if at first it seems to be easier to run away from the problems, at some point you come to realization that you can no longer run - you reached the dead end. Then you have no other choice but turn around and face your past, accept it, forgive yourself and others and then move on. Then it becomes living instead of running. Thank you for your comment!


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