Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does Anyone Ask How You Are Today?

“Why are you sad today?” asked the cart guy from whom I buy coffee every morning. A bunch of ideas swirled in my head, a hundred responses raced to be spit out – about all the pain, and disappointment, and things that go wrong and how I don’t know if I can fix them…On feeling lost, and hurt, and so desperately lonely... I opened my mouth to explain, to complain, to confess and then, surprised, I heard myself say “It will go away”. And it did.


  1. Dear Aysel. It does go away. The trick is to see them as stories in your head, swirling autumn leaves that fly away. When you learn to watch your thoughts, to observe the pain, to be aware of it, you automatically create a distance from them, a space within. A space where happiness will come to rest :-) I love your 'about me' description. Its beautiful and very wise. Somewhere where I am, learning to love myself, and others, learning to truly give. God bless

  2. Hi Uzma7,

    I think it was kind of the evolution of me - to put all the complaining aside and focus on hope, looking straight ahead into the future that for sure will bring relief. I love your idea of thinking about sad days as "swirling autumn leaves that fly away", I can almost visualize that ... :) I also found a lot of comfort in the words from your recent blog post - "believe, relax, trust and act", it calms down a panicky way of thinking that I am prone to. Thank you for your comment.


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