Thursday, January 27, 2011


Who, being loved, is poor? -Oscar Wilde

Our need to be loved is so vital, as if it’s the only thing that can void emptiness spreading around us like poisonous gas. They will tell you over and over that being loved doesn’t validate you but you still refuse to believe. Someone else’s feelings for you form enough weight to keep you on the ground, to prevent you from disappearing into the endless atmosphere, become part of the faceless crowd.

Being loved is such an empowering feeling, it enchants you in a way that everything about you suddenly changes, and you become someone else, this beautiful person you always strived to be and now it’s happening without a slightest effort on your side. Your eyes are now deep oceans that reflect that adoration and admiration that you proudly carry with you like a torch of magic fire. For who would want to give up this light and go back to the darkness of solitude and desolation? And even if you have every reason to say “don’t love me”, you will always know that deep inside you want to hold on to this hot volcano, you want it to keep erupting all the love and passion till it’s empty.

We depend on love like it’s a drug. We believe that if we have it in enough quantity, it can carry us through the days, add that meaning to our life that’s impossible to have otherwise. Once love enters the gate of our kingdom, we rush to embrace all of it, we won’t settle for less. And despair that creeps in as love fades away is so painful, that we hit the walls from so much hurting. We shake the now dormant volcano in hopes of scraping out some of that love lava.

Jumping from one love epicenter to the other is a route of despair. The only way to lock love in your life permanently is to be its source. To be love. But it’s easier said than done, because love will always find loopholes to leak out of your heart as you are too busy with negative emotions that are much easier to retain. Love is something you need to practice over and over, like religion, because life sucks us in and we forget what truly matters. We can choose any mantra that sets us up in the right wave frequency. Or we can make it up by combining words to form the meaning we want to carry as a halo from morning till night: I am love, I am beauty, I spread love and it always finds its way back to my heart.

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