Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Simple Discovery

Last night I was reading to my son his favorite encyclopedia about planets. When we came across the explanation of “shooting stars”, I decided to expand on the topic and told him about the make-a-wish belief. I said that unfortunately it happens so quickly, there’s barely enough time to think of a wish, so you’d better have it ready. I was about to turn the page, when my son told me that his wish would be that his favorite classmate lived close to us and they could play on the weekends together. I smiled at the innocence of the wish and how quickly he came up with it, but then…

Then I had this moment… I thought – at least he has a wish, what would mine be? And I clearly knew the answer right that second: I don’t have one. It’s not that I have absolutely no dreams, or desires. There isn’t a wish that I’d want to waste a shooting star for. I already have all the things I ever wished for. Big things. Important things. Things that make me happy. Any other good things that will happen to me in this life will be a lovely addition to the already present happiness. Because if I cannot admit that I am happy with everything that I have, then no things in the world can ever make me happy.

Next time I see a shooting star, I will only smile and let someone else “use” its wish-granting power. I am all set. Is there a more simple definition of happiness?

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